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The Masters of Street Basketball has Arrived!

NO.3049 | Date: 2016-06-08 01:23:30

The Superb masters of Matrial art has finally arrived in GameKiss!
The Ace of Wulin team has been added to the game as we celebrate
our 2nd year anniversary!
Want to be the first who will have these brilliant characters?
We have added some spice!
These characters will not be available in the in-game shop nor cannot be
sold directly.
You can only obtain the Ace of Wulin coupon in the “Draw SPC” event.
Here’s how!

Event Period: 
06/08 -06/21 23:59 (PDT)
Event Mechanics:
Draw in the “slot scroll” of the specific Ace of Wulin Character
that you wish to obtain.
How to draw?

You have to have “SPC Vending Machine ticket”.
You ca obtain “SPC Vending Machine ticket” in the Super Ticket Ball event
and the Daily event.
You can also purchase the said ticket.

You can get a level 12 Ace of Wulin Coupon along with
the following:
- Exclusive Special uniform and moving bird
- Bonus Stats
-attribute points
-SPC Card Deck
- Exclusive FreeStyle Skill (4 Stars)
- Exclusive ceremony
Aside from SPC, You can also win the following items in this event:
-Item ball
-Card ball
-Exp sponsor 7d
-Double up sponsor 1d
-Point sponsor 7d
-Point sponsor 1d
-Double up sponsor 3d
-Exp sponsor 1d
-Toy manual (L)
-Toy battery (L)
-VIP megaphone
-Freestyle ticket
-Low class DIY box
-Point ball
-200 Exp
-2000 Point
-100 Exp
-1000 Point
What are you waiting for? Try your luck and be the first to have these
awesome characters!

-Team FreeStyle2