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Crew League System Update

NO.6400 | Date: 2017-03-01 02:22:55

There are a few things that have changed and have been added to our
Crew League system!
Check below to see more details! 
 1.Adjusted Details
- The original Crew League has been divided according to their Crew Points
in order to create a more competitive environment
- The 3 new Leagues are Ultimate / Pro / Division
- The Crew League will commence for 4 weeks. There will be a rest period 
in between each Season.
- The Leagues that your Crew will be participating in for the first Season
will be decided upon the previous Crew League. 

2.Crew League Season Rules
League Rank Crew Points Advancement/
Ultimate 1st ~ 25th Win +3 Crew Points (Indiv. Points +3) Bottom 10 Teams
Lose -3 Crew
Pro 26th ~ 60th Win +3 Crew Points (Indiv. Points +3) Top 10 Teams
Lose -3 Crew
Bottom 10 Teams
Division 61th ~ All Win +5 Crew Points (Indiv. Points +3) Top 10 Teams
Lose +1 Crew
-Crews in Ultimate and Pro League are matched against other Crews
with similar ELO
-Crews in Division League are matched randomly
-Only Characters higher than Lv.12 can participate in the Crew League
3.Crew League Season Schedule
-All Seasons begin at the first Friday of each month
-Each Season ends after 4 weeks

1.Crew History added
-A Crew History page has been added so that you can easily check your 
activity in your own Crew.
2.Crew History
-You can check your Crew’s Create, Level Up, League info in the Crew History page.

3.Crew Trophy Room
-You can check the Trophies that your Crew has acquired in the Crew Trophy Room
-If you’re Crew has collected a lot of Trophies, the Trophies from higher 
Leagues and high Crew Points will be shown first

4.Crew League Rewards
League Indiv League Reward
Crew League Reward
Ultimate Crew League Reward Box x9 5000 Crew Coins
Pro Crew League Reward Box x6 4000 Crew Coins
Division Crew League Reward Box x3 2000 Crew Coins

You can receive one of the following items from the Crew League Reward Box:
 Item Name  Amount
Item Ball 3
Card Ball 3
Point Ball 5
Card Sub Att Changer 1
Double up Sponsor (3D) 1
VIP Membership (3D) 1
Card Upgrade Spray 10
1000 Point 1
Point Sponsor 1

1.What is Crew Fan Letter?
-Fans of yours will send you Fan Letters every day according to 
your daily activity. 
-Use the Letter-Bot to search for your Fan Letter in the Postal Room.
2.How to get Fan Letters
-You will receive Letter-Bot Chips daily according to which 
League your Crew is in and how active you are.
-You can also use Points to receive more Letter-Bot Chips
3.How to use Fan Letters

-Open Fan Letters to receive Crew Coins or Fame Points
-The amount of Crew Coins and Fame Points found inside 
these Fan Letters are random.
-You can exchange Fame Points for rewards in the Fame Store